Our Services

Comprehensive maintenance encompasses operation and maintenance services, facility condition assessment, schedule planning, supervision, warranty management, improvement, facility helpdesk and risk management.

The services include the whole range of building equipments including electrical switchgear, power distribution, emergency generator, building automation system, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), audio & visual system, lightning protection system, structure cabling system, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, plumbing, fire fighting, , roofing, drainage, grounds keeping, sanitation, housekeeping, landscape and security. We will provide schedule of maintenance for the facilities and customized the checklist according to the building condition and client needs.

Data center requires dedicated maintenance team to provide continuous operations for the network services without interrupted service. We take full accountability of our client shoulders and on to ours, backed and supported by the extensive resources.

Recognizing that client all have different risk profiles and budgets, we deliver best-in-class data center facility operations programs tailored to your needs. We manage clean uninterruptible power, a secure safe environment, critical temperature and humidity levels, indoor air quality and compliance with local and national codes are paramount to smooth facility operation.

Our team developed customized service and maintenance program based on customer specific threshold and requirement. Emergency service and corrective service are included in the service plan:

  • Air Conditioning equipment
  • Rack-based air handling equipment
  • Building HVAC
  • UPS & batteries
  • Static switching equipment
  • Free standing & rack-based power distribution equipment
  • Power & data cable physical inspection
  • Infrared power connection scanning
  • Generator and automatic transfer switch equipment
  • Fire suppression & detection equipment

The Facility Audit is used to rapidly evaluate the physical condition of building facilities. It produces standardized building condition information, enabling meaningful comparisons within an inventory of similar building types or functions. This comparison allows buildings to be ranked according to relative condition, and enables capital planning for renovation and replacement based on objectively applied criteria of condition.

Condition assessment is an element of building diagnostics that seeks to holistically evaluate a facility. The intent is to put the building systems and components into a useful framework or perspective from which sound asset management decisions can be made. Proper planning for maintenance, repair and capital improvements depends on accurate and reliable condition assessment data.

Engineering & Support Team (EST) has vast experience in coordinating and managing upstream and downstream projects which includes design, engineering consultancy, refurbishment works, supplies, installation, testing and commissioning.

Scope of projects include :

  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Office renovation works
  • Data Center Relocation Works

We develop and implements green energy programs to benefit our clients’ financial performance, competitive advantage, and market reputations.

Our Green Energy Audit Team

  • Developing, executing, and reporting on audit plans
  • Perform energy and water audit services
  • Data collection, data analysis and benchmarking
  • Energy saving measure